Waterproof Cot Sheets

You guys are going to love these! Wriggle Crew's Waterproof Cot Sheets are a fitted sheet and mattress protector in one. How good!

Nappy leak or milk spill? No problem! Just whip your Waterproof Cot Sheet off and throw it in a cold machine wash. No more fumbling around with layers of bedding in the middle of the night.

We recommend making your babe's bed with two Waterproof Cot Sheets. That way, if the top one gets soiled, just whip it off and a clean one is ready and waiting underneath. Best of all? You and bubs can get back to bed much quicker. Pretty sweet hack right?

Wriggle Crew Waterproof Cot Sheets are made with quality cotton with a thin layer of non-toxic, waterproofing underneath.

Sheets measure 130cm x 70cm x 27cm. Check out our matching Cotton x Bamboo Muslin Swaddles!

Cold machine wash. Do not soak, iron or tumble dry.