Waterproof Padded Play Mats

Ladies and gents, finally, a Play Mat that’s practical and stylish!

Wriggle Crew is the OG Kiwi Waterproof Play Mat company. We started making our Play Mats because of our two spilly babies. We also wanted something that was aesthetically pleasing and most importantly, safe.

Wriggle Crew Play Mats are made of non-toxic, TPU foam, heat-sealed at the edges (no glue). Our Play Mats surpass European Toy Safety Standards (EN-71) which are considered to be the most rigorous in the world.

Our waterproof padded Play Mats come in a variety of colours and prints to complement your home. Each one has a different colour or print on the reverse, so you can simply flip your play mat over to fit your vibe.

Better still? Messes are easily cleaned up with a damp cloth. You can even run a vacuum over the top.

Wriggle Crew Play Mats are an investment piece that will grow with your children. From babies practising tummy time, toddlers learning to walk and messy eaters - right through to budding gymnasts, yogis and ninja warriors! 

Wriggle Crew Play Mats are non-slip and shock absorbent. Please note, we've tried to photograph the colour of the Play Mats as accurately as possible but they will vary depending on the monitor you're using.

Our Play Mats come in one size only. 1.8m x 1.3m and 1.5cm thick. 

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