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We’re Laura & James, the husband and wife team behind Wriggle Crew.  

Wriggle Crew baby play mats, messy mats and accessories came about out of necessity. Both our boys were very spilly babies (Y’know that scene from The Excorcist? Yeah…  that was them) and we were forever on our hands and knees scrubbing our carpet. Fabric baby play mats just didn’t work for us because we were constantly having to wash and dry them.
We started searching for some sort of waterproof play mat solution. All we found were those awful EVA foam tiles in a bunch of primary colours or baby play mats with ugly race car tracks printed on them.
We realised there was a gap in the market for a play mat that was practical, environmentally-friendly and stylish. So, after a LOT of testing and research, Wriggle Crew was officially born in 2020. Yup, 2020. Arguably, the worst possible time to start a small business! 
Our Waterproof, Padded Play Mats are non-toxic and made of 1.5cm thick environmentally-friendly TPU foam. They’re designed to look like a normal rug you might have in your home. 
Our Play Mats are perfect for tummy-time, meal-times, messy play and crafting. Cleaning-up is easy; all you need to do is give it a wipe with a damp cloth and some mild soap. Did we mention they’re reversible too?
Wriggle Crew Play Mats provide a soft surface for babies learning to crawl and walk, as well as for any budding gymnasts, dancers or ninja warriors you may have at home. We often see them being used by adults for yoga and other mat-based exercise too.
Our range of Messy Mats are for those of you who don’t need a padded option. These are great for popping under highchairs and kids’ tables.
Our plan for this blog is to make it a hub of useful information for parents. We have a bunch of really neat contributors lined-up who are going to provide everything from sensory play ideas, recipes for when your baby starts solids, and gentle exercise for mamas during pregnancy and after birth.
If you’ve got any questions for us, feel free to drop us a line at hello@wrigglecrew.co.nz
Much love,
Laura & James

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  • Kia Ora :)
    Just wanted to say I absolutely love our play mat! I remember almost a year ago now at the Hamilton baby expo me and my partner were fresh parents to this 2-3month old baby boy and we felt like we had covered everything big that we needed for our baby. We just went to the baby expo with an open mind and I’m so glad we did coz we walked out with our very own play mat the Viridian & Grey colour. Fast forward to almost a year now and we still have our play mat. Not long ago at the Hamilton expo this year we called in again and I remember my sister inlaw saying that she wanted a mat exactly like ours for her kitchen and honestly it makes cooking a breeze at her house as well because it’s soo soft! I just wanted to say thanks again for our cool as play mats and I hope you guys have been well and safe during lockdown.

    Ihipera on

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